20-21 August,  Brecon Beacons, Wales
Einstein’s Garden Performances: Saturday 20 August 19:00 and Sunday 21 August 12:00
Geodesic Dome Workshops: Saturday 20 August 13:00 and Sunday 21 August 15:30

Sunday 11 September 19:00
The Alhambra Theatre, Bradford                                                                                                                                
Thursday 17 November 19.30
Courthouse Theatre, Otley 

Sunday 11th December 19.00
Minghella Building, Bob Kayley Theatre,
Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6BT

Latest images from the performance which was followed by a workshop at the Alhambra Studio Theatre Bradford.

Reflections on Green Man

The Green Man Festival was a very new and exhilirating experience for us, as musicians and actors more used to performing in the insulated environments of theatres and concert halls. The idea of performing an atmospheric piece of music theatre that uses the subtle sounds of hand drums and temple bowls as well as whispering and singing without amplification in a tent is frightening at the best of times. Since the surface of the tent gives no reflections or resonance to the voices and instruments, the sound gets swallowed up and much of the subtlety is lost, making performers have to work extremely hard just to hear themselves let alone communicate with an audience. So to do that in the middle of a festival with strains of amplified bands coming at you from three sides was surely madness! On top of that, daylight leaked through the seams of the tent and the projector beam was weak so sight and sound were both somewhat compromised. Yet the opportunity to perform amidst this transient hub of cultural adventure, from falafels to wicker men, Squarepusher to Tim Minchin, was an experience we wouldn't want to have missed. The aim of the everything and nothing project is to perform to audiences outside the usual reach for either mathematics and contemporary music: at the Green Man we certainly achieved that. Our very able performers carried off fine performances despite the odds and by all accounts the piece was very well received. If we can shine through under those conditions we can do anything!


Rehearsal Performance

GREEN MAN FESTIVAL DIARY 20th-21st August 2011

Thursday 18th Everything and Nothing arrives at Green Man Festival. 
Kelcey drove us through torrential rain with a packed car to Brecon Beacons. Below loaded buggy ready for tech in the Omni Tent. Searching map for Einstein's Garden.

 Kate and Dorothy working out the props during technical rehearsal in the Omni Tent.
 Jonny the tech of the Omni tent introduces us to tent spec

Lucy and Chris get used to performing in a tent.
Post tech meeting!

Saturday 20th First Performance and Workshop day Green Man Festival

The everything and nothing workshop was first on led by Katie our Topologist

Kate, Dorothy and Katie prepare for workshop back stage. Right inflatables outside workshop.
Below audience participation during the everything and nothing workshop.
Winner of Best Shape Medal
Bea collects audience feedback

First performance of everything and nothing

Back stage after first performance
SUNDAY 21st Second Performance and Workshop
Omni Tent entrance on Sunday

Audience waits for second performance of everything and nothing
Below Katie in action during second everything and nothing workshop