What shapes could the universe be? Does it have an ‘edge’? Is it infinite? Intent on creating a map of the universe using complex mathematics, the Everyman Explorer encounters aviator Amelia Earhart who was lost in her 1937 attempt to circumnavigate the globe. The pair find themselves in the company of an order-obsessed librarian who isn’t quite what he seems, in a time-warped universe controlled by an old radio. A playful encounter between sound, image, text and mathematics, multi-disciplinary company the19thstep present everything and nothing, devised by composer and writer Dorothy Ker and sculptor Kate Allen.

everything and nothing is a partnership for public engagement by the19thstep funded by EPSRC.

Pretty fabulous ... a fantastic way of linking ideas about maths and drama ... really captured the imagination.
It was really rather excellent ... a really good story and thought provoking ... atmospheric ... evocative.At most events [at the science festival] I didn't learn much new ... but at this I did. (Comment from a Physicist with PhD)

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next performance

Sunday 11th  December 19.00
Minghella Building*, Bob Kayley Theatre, 
* The Minghella Buiilding is no 195 on the Whiteknights map (follow link)

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